Quotes All the Way!

1.  Sometimes the wrong people teaches you the right meaning of life.

2. To let go is so hard, but to hold on to something dead is much harder.

3. A person who has been hurt deeply often weep discreetly.

4. Crying makes you stronger than you think, It makes you get over the things you’ve once cried for.

5. Shed some tears, drink some beers and forget all the fears.

6. Sadness is a process that makes you appreciate the happiness approaching ahead.

7. When you leave everything up to God, you also leave behind the stressful thoughts.

8. Going with the flow is all we can do or perhaps the best thing to do.

9. We worry so much about the future that we take our present for granted. We’re alive at the moment; are we going to be alive next minute? If there isn’t a certainty for that then there is no certainty for future.

10. Being spontaneous is good if you like to live for the moment.

11. Those who are heartless, once had heart full of love until it was crushed.

12. Someone says it..Someone endures it..

13. Those who are wise don’t argue with their rival. Indeed, time will have a better reply than your words.

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