welcome to WriteForRights!

This is a blog for everyone. You can read about ongoing issues in the US and around the world. You will read about racial discrimination against women and minorities. Both students and adults can benefit from this site who wants to stay updated on current events or just gain information for a class.

Please email me if you have any issues or topic in mind that you want me to write about. Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback as you read so I can continuously enhance my blog for you. Happy Reading!

Little Bio:

Writing is my passion. I write because it’s part of my life and it’s the best way I can express myself & bring out the stories that I want to tell. Not too long ago, I was unconscious of the physical world around me. When I try to remember, everything feels blurred in my mind as if I spent years in a daze. Then reality struck me when I first stepped into the real world and started college.

Being surrounded by unfamiliar faces and a completely new environment was challenging at first. Then, I met great professors along the way who were helpful and supportive. The lessons I learned in their classes go beyond the classroom, they are life-lessons that made me want to grow as a person. Then I recognized my love for writing. I felt enlightened and few of those great Professors has shaped me to what I am today. They’ve influenced me in such a way that I truly feel the need to write and share. My education has raised awareness about racial, cultural and political issues and allowed me to empower myself. I have never felt as passionate and awakened as I am today.

Let reading set your mind free!