My Precious Angel

With your large, twinkling eyes

Beaming with joy

I welcomed you into the world

My heart filled with love and joy

As you held onto my hands

And gave the cutest laugh.

I knew then you’d always be my special girl

I showered you with gifts and toys

Shopped at the loveliest baby stores

But soon I realized

That you wanted nothing more than the time spent with me.

I invented silly sounds and faces

Just to hear your sweet laughter

My heart grew fuzzy and warm

Knowing I’ll always take care of you

Because of you the days became brighter.

As I waited eagerly to come home

To your smiling face you’d hold me by the hand

And show me the pictures you drew.

Sing your loudest ABCs

While I clapped and cheered for you

My heart filled with immense pride

How strange that I never felt alone

When I tucked you in bed

I gave you the warmest hugs

And kissed your soft, rosy cheeks

I knew in my heart

You were a precious miracle

Sent from above I began to cherish

The moments that felt so divine.



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Lucky Begum

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

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