It Will Happen Again

Let me tell you something

That girls will not believe

but it is the truth indeed.

You fall in love more than ONCE

Believe it or not,

It will be just as special and amazing

You’ll feel the butterflies fluttering

Just as the first time

And maybe just as painful

When your heart broke

And you didn’t think you’ll live

But the good news is, you did.

And it’ll happen again

Even when you give up

It’s like the universe trying to set you up with “The One”

At the same time, teaching you to be strong

By being with the people

That are wrong.

It’s preparing you for the big day

When you finally meet your Prince Charming

Till then, live your life my darling

Trust the process..

The universe will lead you to him

I promise..

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Lucky Begum

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

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