Oak Tree Near My House

I’ve found myself gazing constantly outside the window

Admiring the White Oak Tree as the winds blow

It stands there proudly lifting her head high

The broad stems and lengthy branches

Barreling up to the sky.

What a view! I murmur to myself

Its branches are shapely and straight

The leaves are rich green

While the bottom had gray shades

As I touch it, I can feel the leathery leaves in my hand

It glistens as the pouches of sparkling sands

While I glance at the tree

I realize that it does so much for me

Providing oxygen so I can breathe.

During the humid summer,

The tree shields me from the hot sun

While protecting my skin from sunburn

I spend hours sitting under the tree

Reading my favorite book to her

While it listens to me

I come to her in my grieve

Just as a child approaches her mother in need

The tree can hear my sorrow

And guides me through its silence

I merge with the tree and sense the power of nature

As it flows through me

The tree is gifted with all the motherly qualities

I want to offer her my appreciation and true apologies

Since I cannot return her what she has given me.

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Lucky Begum

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

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