Seized Childhood

She is fourteen

Why isn’t she treated like a teen?

When she got menses

Her body started to change

She’s now considered a woman

Soon to be a wife of a man

They took her out of school

Abandoned by her friends

To protect her chastity

Her family must choose a man

For her hand in marriage

To send her off in a flower carriage

She cries,

“I’m not ready to leave school

And become a wife”

They say,

You have to protect your family’s honor

It’s what your mother did too, right

They snatched her innocence

Seized her dreams

She pleads,

“Don’t make me marry this man

Twice my age

Please don’t put me in this cage”


Parents so heartless

Gave away their daughter

Only to be exempt from answering God

And fulfill their duty as father or mother

But had they ever thought

God loves Children and sent them as gifts

How can he ever be okay with this?

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Lucky Begum

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

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